The United States has another Presidential Candidate

As shocking as this one is, and boy, is it shocking, the U.S has another Presidential candidate.   Late last night, it was announced that Lib politician (think former gov of New Mexico) Gary Johnson is now running for U.S President against the likes of Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders — perhaps three of the biggest cash machines in recent political memory.

“I want to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for president; I am hoping to get the Libertarian nomination,” Johnson told Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

Johnson had tons to say about the current state of the U.S “the $20 trillion debt we will have when Obama leaves office is out of this world” and notes government today is “unwieldy” and “out of control.” “Hillary is a known quantity who’s not going to win all of those voters,” he tells the Washington Post. “And if Trump’s the Republican nominee … a large number of people will want an alternative.”

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