Ted Cruz, not born in the U.S, wants to be U.S President

And if that probably wasn’t the most ironic thing you’ve ever heard coming from the GOP, then, wait for it, we have more. The GOP is the same party that once heralded a “Birthers” movement against Barack Obama after they at one point claimed he wasn’t born in America. Now, they’re ready to nominate someone who ironically wasn’t born in America: Ted Cruz.

Earlier this week,  candidate Donald Trump posed a number of questions in numerous interviews and Twitter tweets (“Can Ted Cruz actually run for President given that he wasn’t born in America?”). The question, certainly, poses the legal matter as to whether or not Cruz can actually do so.

Cruz, quickly responded.

“People will continue to make political noise about it, but as a legal matter it’s quite straightforward.” He pointed to John McCain (born in Panama), George Romney (born in Mexico), and Barry Goldwater (born in Arizona before it was a state as all prime examples of “natural” U.S citizens.

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