NYC turning age old telephone booths into… this.

NEW YORK — Phone booths no more, not, that many probably noticed they even existed anymore. According to reports, New York City, has teamed up with a number of tech groups to turn the age old phone booths into something much more useful — literally — that being  free Wi-Fi hubs.

New York officials say the move comes after the booths just pretty much went unused for decades.   The booths, which see thousands around New York City,  will soon feature “Wi-Fi Hubs” that can be simultaneously used by mass groups of people and will feature important ads;  safety messages, and a red 911 button on the front of the booth itself.

One report notes that the 9.5 foot tall hubs will feature Android tablets among other devices and USB connectors for commuters to use while traveling throughout the city. Officials confirmed the first ones were unveiled Tuesday in Manhattan.

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