Hundreds of illegal immigrants rounded up in America, as raids begin

Late last month, we brought you the news via numerous reports and our own sources that the Obama Administration would begin cracking down on illegal immigrants in the United States — and now — such has happened. The Department of Homeland Security confirmed Tuesday morning, that some 121+ illegal immigrants in a number of southern states “were only the beginning”.

The Department of Homeland Security claims that at least “14” illegal immigrants are deported a week, and have been steadily, since at least 2015.

This marks the first offensive by the Obama Administration since an abnormally large number of unaccompanied children and their families flooded southern borders in 2014.    When the migration began, conservatives in the United States largely accused the  Obama Administration of not acting “adequately enough” to handle the problem that has caused great debate among politicians across the board in America.

Do you think it was time for the United States to begin deporting illegal immigrants?

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