Brooklyn teenager arrested for double murder of mum and boyfriend

BROOKLYN — Brooklyn officers not authorized to speak on the crimes as of this writing, perhaps, had everything to talk about when approached by Daily News Online. According to police informants,  a 15-year-old Brooklyn girl is facing some pretty serious trouble this week after she apparently murdered her mother and her boyfriend (the ladder in which she claims sexually assaulted her).

Police tell Daily News Online that “The young woman had tried to tell her mother that she had been assaulted, but, the mother just wasn’t buying into the allegations. It triggered something within the girl” one source tells Daily News Online.

That trigger, being, a gun.   The unidentified teenager’s mother reportedly died of gunshot wounds, meanwhile, an additional friend apparently slaughtered her boyfriend  before the murderous duo fled to a nearby cousin’s house.  Police have not yet quite been able to validate whether or not the young lady was actually sexually assaulted.

The girl’s cousin, who also has not been identified, reportedly became “concerned” that the girl’s parents had not been heard from for some time.   After her crimes,  the girl stayed for some time at the residence of her cousin in Sheepshead Bay, whereas, she didn’t actually confess to the crime until days later.

Raids took place on their family home, whereas,  two decomposing bodies of a man and woman were reportedly found. Initially, police believed only that the two had been stabbed — although — shell casings from a gun  were later found.

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