The NSA; Obama, and Those Israeli Spying Allegations

A new report is out on the alleged reach of America’s spying powers, and this time, it has Israel in its sights.  The Wall Street Journal ran a block buster report on Tuesday citing that the Obama Administration granted the National Security Agency the right to spy on numerous world leaders including Israel ‘s Prime Minister.

According to the Journal,   Obama “has a list” of reported world leaders and political figure heads that “are not allowed” to be spied on in any manner.  The list reportedly included French President Francois Hollande; Germany’s Angela Merkel and similar other world leaders. However, the list does not apparently include some of their top aides — which — just so happen to include a wide number of American lawmakers.

And Congress isn’t happy.

Following publication of the report,  American lawmakers across the board have reportedly made open demands for an investigation into the depth of the alleged spying. Lawmakers claim that “laws have been violated” and accountability must be held — considering —  Congress is believed to be in the midst of the latest  NSA spying accusations.

Republican lawmakers claim that “Obama has over reached” with the latest round of NSA accusations. Not just perhaps, because, he and his NSA administration stand accused of spying on country’s like Israel — but because they’re now spying on their own.

Via The Wall Street Journal

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