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Britain defends Donald Trump’s mental fitness amid new questions

LONDON —  Where there’s a will, there’s a Prime Minister kissing ass most certainly.  According to 10 Downing Street,   Prime Minister Theresa May has come out in defense of U.S President Donald Trump, amid, newly  surfaced questions about his startling (and ailing) mental fitness. According to the AP,  Theresa May spoke nothing  except highly about […]


Theresa May “hopeful” ahead of next week’s new Brexit meetings

Meetings with EU officials and those in Brussels that is.  According to Downing Street, Theresa May will head into the telephone booth this weekend and into early next week, to,   further her diplomatic efforts for easy Brexit negotiations.   Officials say that May “wants to further diplomatic efforts’  to ensure that Brexit talks become “easier to […]

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MP’s move to block Theresa May ‘s dangerous “No Deal” Brexit plan

LONDON — With Brexit still an extremely hot talking point in the U.K, several former and current powerful MP’s are pushing new legislation to make it almost impossible for the U.K to leave the bloc without a proper plan. According to the “super group’,  which consists of former Tory chancellor Kenneth Clarke (along with several […]

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British child reportedly missing after Barcelona Attack: Officials

BARCELONA —  Spanish officials and the British Embassy confirmed that a UK child is reportedly missing following those now deadly Barcelona attacks that occurred this week.   Prime Minister Theresa May said Friday that the British government is “seriously looking into reports” of a missing British child from the attacks. “Sadly I must tell you […]