Here’s more from the autopsy and police reports regarding Kenneka Jenkins

This week saw the release of even more information in the death of Kenneka Jenkins, some,  essentially more questionable than other parts.   Earlier this week, police reports (additional copies) were dispersed to the press and we’ve finally taken a look at some of them that arrived last night. First up, how she was found.  According […]

Today in Chicago

Here are the owners of The Crowne Plaza Hotel Rosemont

  It’s the question on everybody’s mind. Who owns the Crowne Plaza? Enter:  David Friedman, of F&F Realty based in Chicago based (Skokie Area) Illinois (the identity of the manager is pending). Leaders in residential and commercial real estate management and development in the greater Chicago area, Skokie-based F & F Realty, Ltd., has been operating […]