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Hillary Clinton may have broke the federal false statements act 

At least according to documents obtained by the Daily News. Sources within the FBI close to Clinton’s newly developed email investigation have come forth revealing that she is also being investigated for another issue: breaking disclosure laws while Secretary of State.  Documents show that, for example, in November 2011 Clinton failed to disclose an extra […]

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Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails resurface

And this time it could spell doom in several forms for the potential first woman president. According to reports, the some 33,000 emails that were first allegedly deleted from the server weren’t actually deleted in the first place — but only not deleted because of a major flaw in Clinton ‘s private email server.  In […]

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The most outrageous lies Hillary Clinton told at last night’s debate

Last night in the wonderful and often headache inducing world of the American elections, the third and final presidential debate took place. Facing off for the last time, Donald and Hillary, spent their time squaring off over nasty remarks and plenty of interruptions. But, instead of fact checking Trump this time — we’ve take s […]