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Kenneka Jenkins’ case will remain with Rosemont Police Department

ROSEMONT — Despite calls for the case to be handed over to the FBI over concerns that the Rosemont PD isn’t handling it correctly, it, will apparently remain with the betrothed police department. According to the Rosemont police department, the case “remains a death investigation” but there has been no ‘credible reason’  to turn over […]

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Here’s more on Kenneka Jenkin ‘s and that body harvesting rumor

ROSEMONT —    You’ll read just about everything about Kenneka Jenkins, but, you won’t hear much about what the hotel in which she died in has allegedly been up to over the years.  It has surfaced online that there’s a company called The Biological Research Center, which, apparently is into some pretty creepy stuff.  That […]

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Here are the owners of The Crowne Plaza Hotel Rosemont

  It’s the question on everybody’s mind. Who owns the Crowne Plaza? Enter:  David Friedman, of F&F Realty based in Chicago based (Skokie Area) Illinois (the identity of the manager is pending). Leaders in residential and commercial real estate management and development in the greater Chicago area, Skokie-based F & F Realty, Ltd., has been operating […]

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Transcript: #KennekaJenkins “They were timid about something, you could tell something was wrong”

This is a transcript from our telephone conversation with a hotel worker from the Crowne Plaza Hotel who agreed to speak to our former masthead editor Saint Germaine on 11 September. For a period of 48 hours, we dug deep into the backgrounds of each person involved; their whereabouts (before or after the murder), and […]

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Police source: 12 people to be questioned over Kenneka ‘s murder

ROSEMONT, IL –   Police sources close to the investigation into the death of Kenneka Jenkins have confirmed that 12 people are being questioned over the death and their part in it.    Sources say that at least 8 of the 12 people have been confirmed “to have been present” throughout the entire evening leading […]

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Footage shows Kenneka Jenkin ‘s friend Irene Roberts at Chicago PD

While that appears to already be public information, what’s next, isn’t entirely.   Our phones have been ringing off the hook all morning with news of Kenneka ‘s death and what happened that night in the hotel.   We’ve learned allot since learning of the story early this morning. Here’s what we’ve now discovered. The […]