About Daily News

Bazaar Daily  News (The Daily News, in the United Kingdom) is one of the most visited British newspapers in the world.   With more than  8billion accumulated visitors, The Daily News, has become one of the most read newspapers not owned by a mainstream corporation or special interests group.   As a newspaper, we do not believe in censorship, and therefore publish news tips/ government secrets as we receive them in whole.

The Daily News was founded in 2003 in London.    Having started out as an entertainment website based on fashion and celebrity news then known as Fashion Bzaar,  we transformed into a global news agency a year later.    As of 2016, we have staff writers  in three continents and more than 70 countries including the Americas.    We are proud members of press organizations;  frequent attendees of fashion week,  and a popular hotspot for people of all ages to gather their news.   As a news organization, we do our best to remain unbiased and unslanted (unless you’re reading a piece from an op-ed writer or an op-ed entirely).

The Daily News staff consists of Amaral Jade Khan, Sultan Khan,  Thomas Larkin, Angie Phillips,  Jaylin Thomas,  Aaron Williams, and Cynthia John, Cole Brennan, and numerous others.

The Daily News is overseen by journalism icon  Mohammed SHK who splits his time between his  central London estate  and New York City.


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