Dustin Hoffman accused of sexual assault again: Report

Actor Dustin Hoffman is now the latest male in Hollywood to be accused of severe sexual assault and misconduct. In a bombshell  expose in the Hollywood Reporter,  another actress has come forward with apparent minor proof to back up her claims, revealing that she was assaulted   when he first helped her get into a major project on Broadway 20 years ago.

Kathryn Rossetter, in the expose, claimed that she met Hoffman in 1983 when he was instrumental in getting her a part in Death of a Salesman.  In the shocking expose, Rossetter posted a photograph to confirm at least one of her claims. In a particular situation, she claimed that during the 1983 audition —  he would often cup her breasts before photos (this is the part she provided proof for) , ehum, and then quickly move his hands to avoid detection by the camera.

That photo, or an example of a situation involving Hoffman,  has been released to the press.  While the authenticity of the photo hasn’t been confirmed,  it, does indeed appear to be a real photograph.

Hoffman’s rep has not yet returned phone calls for comment.

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