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Aides Rep: Franks offered $5m to be surrogate

Politico has a new report on Rep Trent Franks (who had scheduled his resignation for February), ehum, but that particular report has now pushed his resignation up to yesterday.   According to the magazine,  Franks was apparently known in his office to make unusual passes at women, one of those, being that he allegedly offered a staffer $5 to act as his surrogate for his wife.

Now, this is where it enters grey and uncharted territories.   The website claims that the female staffers often present weren’t quite aware of he was referencing IVF or having actual intercourse.  The result of the, ehum confusion? Rep Franks is now no more.

Franks office confirmed  over the weekend that Franks had resigned as of Friday following the release of the bizarre situation to the press.

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