A terrifying rebuttal to accusations of being a rapist

Unfortunately, this headline is anything but a joke, and, it is rather alarming.  Danny Masteron,  who has found himself in the midst of sexual assault allegations, has an interesting defense as to why his allegations weren’t rape. According to reports, Masteron’s rep has issued a rebuttal to the claims that he raped his ex-girlfriend twice while she was unconscious.

Actually, make that two of his ex-girlfriends.    Huffpost reports that Masteron ‘s  rep has now said that “it is impossible that these two accusers were raped by Masterson, because, they were involved in romantic relationships with him the entire time.  Therefore, it isn’t rape”.

That publicist, Jenni Weinman, has now fallen under fire.  For example, Chrissie Bixler, one of the exes, was with Masteron for upwards of six years.  Although, she claims that the relationship turned sour and Masterson at least twice forced himself on her while she was asleep .

Despite Weinman’s claims unconsensual sex is rape. 

Bixler was indeed a Scientologist at the time of the rape, although, the church is notorious for attempting to quash any attempt by its members to call police. Instead,  Bixler, per reports,   phoned into church officials. Who, of course, later refuted the claims entirely.



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