Jeffrey Tambor leaves Transparent amid sexual assault claims 

Even Jeffrey Tambor  isn’t able to escape sexual assault claims. Days after numerous women, some even co-stars, came forward with allegations that he treated them innapropriately — Tambor has announced that he will  not return to Transparent. 

“Playing Maura Pfefferman on Transparent has been one of the greatest privileges and creative experiences of my life,” Tambor tells Deadline. “What has become clear over the past weeks, however, is that this is no longer the job I signed up for four years ago.
I’ve already made clear my deep regret if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone as being aggressive, but the idea that I would deliberately harass anyone is simply and utterly untrue,” Tambor says. But “given the politicized atmosphere that seems to have afflicted our set, I don’t see how I can return.”

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