26 charged in fatal Penn State crime

Fraternity deaths are nothing new, but, this one’s making headlines because 26 people were reportedly charged in a single death. According to authorities,    a video apparently recovered from the basement spelled doom for 26 fraternity pledges ultimately charged in the death of Beta Theta Pi pledge Tim Piazza.  District attorney Stacy Parks Miller reportedly decided to reinstate sweeping charges across the board, after, it was discovered that  he was given 18 drinks in less than 90 minutes thanks to reported security footage.

According to documents,   the DA apparently discovered that those involved lied about having possession of the footage and plowing Piazza with heavy liquor.     That feat itself,  per documents, wasn’t told to authorities until they managed to order the fraternity house to turn over their security systems. At least 10 additional members have been charged; 3 had their charges reinstated, and the remaining all had their charges increased.

One of the ring leaders Braxton Becker, per additional documents, was the person who reportedly deleted the footage from  security cameras (or we should say failed to do so) because the FBI eventually discovered it.    The ruse was up when footage from the basement was actually discovered, where,  Piazza was actually found that fatal morning  in February.

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