Teens responsible for Kenneth White ‘s murder had dark and murky past

According to multiple police reports;  published reports,  and some pretty shocking information posted online.   In reports published Wednesday,   it has been claimed that the four teenagers responsible for Kenneth White ‘s murder (they reportedly threw objects (including but not limited to rocks) threw his windshield  had a murky past with the same area in which they often threw objects off of a local bridge.

All of the four teenagers, per reports, had thrown heavy objects off the bridge near where Kenneth was killed.  “They had this in their blood. It was something they did often, throwing things” reads one of the reports. Those teenagers have all been charged as adults, and, face life in prison without the possibility of parole.   According to court records, they’ve all been charged with  second degree murder.

Prosecutors claimed in documents that the teens threw “heavy objects” from that area and over the bridge in the days leading up to his murder.   Of those objects, ehum,   were a heavy recliner.

Kenneth died on 18 October after the group  of teenagers threw rocks through his windshield resulting in his motor vehicle crashing off of the road and over the bridge.

We have chosen to publish their names as the following: (Pictured at the top of this article from the left). Mark Sekelsky, 16, Trevor Gray, 15, Mikaydyn Payne, 16, and Alexander Miller, 15

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