That Texas Church Shooter Has been Identified

And according to multiple sources close to the FBI and Texas state police, the shooter,  has been identified as Devin  Kelly.  Kelly, a former member of the US Armed Forces had received a dishonorable discharge in 2014  from the military.   In 2012, he was first court-martialed for apparent violence against his wife and children having spent a year in military confinement.  He was just 26 years old at the time of the massacre in San Antonio.

Police are declining to label  the massacre any form of terrorism, although, we’re going to call it like it is and say this is and was a domestic terrorist.   Additional reports indicate that the massacre may have been provoked by alleged mental illness.

Police did confirm reports that Kelly was chased down by a citizen.   Following the chase in their vehicles, Kelly was found dead in his car. It is unclear whether or not he was killed by the citizen or by the police or by possible suicide.

Domestic terrorist Devin Kelley is pictured.

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