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Police reportedly find 19 dead animals in woman’s home: Officers

In a  bizarre find over the weekend, police in New Bedford Mass are scratching their heads after a local woman’s arrest. Police say Amanda Vicente “had a vice to store the bodies of dead animals” in her home. And she did just that.  Police reports show that  early Saturday afternoon police received reports of an “unusual odor”  from the woman’s home.

What they would find next is truly bizarre.   Vicente had “stored at least 19 different various types of animals in the bedroom of her 13-year-old son’, even more weird, she “didn’t think twice about doing it and that’s how so many animals ended up in the same room”.

Vicente’s lawyer declined to comment to The Daily News,  although, police did confirm a particular rumor about the case:  At least 17 additional animals that were alive in the home.

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