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Another man has come forward accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual assault

And that makes 11. In a long essay for Buzzfeed,   Harry Dreyfuss has become the latest man to come forth with claims that Spacey unwillingly groped him at a party in 2008.  The claims  seem substantiated as they pretty much align with the other men and their own stories of sexual assault. Dreyfuss says that “He tried to continue to place his hand on my thigh,  even, with my father inches away practicing lines for a play”.

Dreyfuss further told the website that “He didn’t stop” it was like he “didn’t know that he was doing something wrong”.  Dreyfuss says that he thought the incident(s) were a joke until he learned that other men went through similar or entirely the same experiences with Spacey.  Unfortunately, this also reportedly took place at the Old Vic Theater.

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