Harvey Weinstein to be arrested by the NYPD: Reports

NEW YORK – NEW YORK City authorities are reportedly preparing to charge Harvey Weinstein  with two counts of rape dating back to 2010. According to Vanity Fair, Paz  De  La  Huerta has come forth revealing in police reports that she was allegedly raped twice by Weinstein. In the documents, she claimed that the first rape occurred after Weinstein offered her a ride home from a major party.

Officials subsequently told Vanity Fair  that they are actively building a case against Harvey, and, are  closing to having enough  current evidence to make an arrest. 

The second rape, perhaps,  being in specifically December of that year. Both times, she says Weinstein attempted to force her to have a drink with him before raping her. 

 “It wasn’t consensual … he stuck himself inside me.” In December that year, she says he turned up at her apartment after she had been drinking and forced himself on her again. ” I said, ‘I don’t want to do this,'” she says. “He kept humping me and it was disgusting. He’s like a pig … He raped me.” reads one of the documents. 
Both alleged assaults are in the statute of limitations according to New York  law.

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