Experts speak on the reported serial killer in Tampa Florida

A serial killer that is now gripping the city as police struggle to contain concerns over a string of murders that have happened in the past 11 days.   As we reported earlier this week,  police confirmed in a press conference that three people had been slain using an unknown handgun in the Seminole neighborhood in less than 11 days.

Now, more information on the reported serial killer’s style has made way to the press. According to experts who spoke to The Miami Herald,   he ‘isn’t a typical serial killer’ (assuming it is a man).  It must be noted that Florida has had its own fair share of female killers in the past 10 years, which, leaves the possibility that it could be a woman  quite large.

Experts further told The Herald that “A handgun was used and that isn’t common in modern day.  Tampa police have provided the following link to The Daily News in hopes that someone out there may know this person or may have seen this person that night.

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