Police accuse man of ignoring orders, shoot dead deaf man

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — There’s mistakes, and, then there are those that turn deadly.  According to witnesses, Migdiel  Sanchez was shot dead Thursday night after being falsely accused of ignoring police orders.

Let’s begin.

According to witnesses,  Sanchez “was minding his own business on his porch when police approached his home thinking he had a metal bat in his hand”.  What that item was, uh, police aren’t quite saying.    Witnesses say they thought the object was a ‘deadly weapon’ and upon thinking that Sanchez was his father, they, opened fire.

Little did they know, that,   Sanchez was actually deaf.   Despite the fact witnesses and neighbors were screaming that Sanchez was indeed deaf, they, continued to open fire.   It is unclear why  Officer Barnes used his gun instead of his taser,  meanwhile, both have been placed on leave. Sanchez (an innocent person) had no criminal history.

Police officials claim both officers had “tunnel vision” and were focused on the non-existent weapon that Sanchez didn’t have.

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