Exclusive: Sister of Rhueban Schmidt “holds strong belief he killed Misty”

PUYALLUP, WASHINGTON —   Three years after we first wrote about Misty Copsey and her disappearance, it, has only gotten deeper.  Hundreds of tips; e-mails,  text messages later we’ve spoken to numerous people who point back to the same person: Rhueban Schmidt (also the uncle of SHK).

In 2015, we first wrote about Misty Copsey after learning that SHK ‘s uncle has long been accused of kidnapping and killing her.   At the time, we did not know much about where it was believed he had her or the connection to SHK.  That, at the time, was because  SHK ‘s family had long kept Schmidt away from him due to “concerns for his safety”.

At the time of the first article, a  Puyallup police detective contacted SHK accusing him of “printing nonsense” because “there was no way he could have known about anything because he is to young”.  The detective, perhaps, was unaware that SHK is a major investigative journalist and often cracks and or solves various kinds of cases around the world.

This is where it gets interesting.  About a year and a half after our first article, we,  discovered that the location of Misty’s perceived murder allegedly took place at the farm of Viera Schmidt (also SHK’s 2nd great grandmother).   The farm reportedly still sits in the ownership of the Schmidt family, although, it appears to be partially owned by others also.

The night she disappeared Rhueban’s own sister tells the Daily News that he was “in possession of the Yellow Cordoba it is believed she was last seen in”.   He “lied to police and those around him about events that night because he certainly did have gas and was able to get all the way from his shared home with his roommates to Viera’s farm in Buckley.  It was already knowledge at the time within the Schmidt family that he had an unwanted romantic interest in Misty because of her age, so,  that’s where this started. He has a long history of being interested in underage women, but, because of who his sisters are he has managed to get away with it for a very long time”.

Which leads us to our next investigation.  Elson Narvaez, the biological father of SHK,  was arrested in the mid 1990’s around the time of Misty ‘s disappearance for 2nd degree sexual assault / rape of a young woman.  That woman has never been identified.   Sexual assault and rape run deeply within the Schmidt and Narvaez family, Narvaez, is actually a registered sex offender in the state of Washington and Wisconsin (where he currently resides as of September 2017..).

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Schmidt and Narvaez have long maintained a friendship despite claiming otherwise to their family members.

Schmidt’s sister continued in phone interviews on 19 September 2017 that “I will always maintain that Rhueban killed her.  He knows he picked her up that night in that yellow car, and then, she was never seen again.    He knows what  he did and he knows how he lied to our grandmother to use her for means of disposing of Misty.   It’s no coincidence that her clothes were found not very far from Viera’s farm”.

An upcoming investigation into Rhueban Schmidt in great detail is scheduled to be published on  3 October 2017 as ordered by Khane himself. 

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