Here’s more on Kenneka Jenkin ‘s and that body harvesting rumor

ROSEMONT —    You’ll read just about everything about Kenneka Jenkins, but, you won’t hear much about what the hotel in which she died in has allegedly been up to over the years.  It has surfaced online that there’s a company called The Biological Research Center, which, apparently is into some pretty creepy stuff.  That company is owned by the same group of people who own the Crowne Plaza Hotel, something, the police have yet to actually address.

Previous reports published in 2015 indicate that the Biological Research Center (a body harvesting and body donation “research” company conveniently minutes away from the Crown Plaza Hotel) is also owned by the same people that own  the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  This research facility has been raided by local authorities;  state officials, and the FBI at least three times.

Court documents seen by ABC News in the past and The Daily News currently,  the company, was previously sued for mishandling people’s body parts (a claim that has now surfaced again in the death of Kenneka Jenkins, after, many pointed out that the woman in the security footage looks nothing like Kenneka).

In the actual words of federal documents “An alleged body broker ring happened within this business.  During the course of the investigation, it, was discovered that this facility housed thousands of body parts for illegal purposes”.  The company didn’t stop there, it, was later found that they were selling infected human remains to doctors and the like across the world.

ABC reported at the time that this was also discovered by the FBI,  who, also discovered that they deceived their donors and financial backers citing that body parts would not be sold for any reason.  At the time, the two people behind the Biological Resource Center environment were Donald A. Greene and Donald A. Green II.

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Below are previous court documents and a class action lawsuit filed by people who claim this company mishandled the remains of their loved ones and never buried them (they also allegedly own a crematorium).


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