New information regarding Kenneka Jenkin ‘s murder

We’ve been on the case for some time, and, have been  covering it all day. Now, we’re uncovered even a bit more and it appears to piece the puzzle even further together.  First, let’s discuss what the party was actually for.

We’ve now learned that Irene and Monifa set up the party without  Kenneka knowing much of what was going on.  While she was aware of a party going on after being invited, she, was not aware of older gentlemen being present at the party.     At first, people believed that it was just $200 that people were allegedly paid to rape and kill Kaneeka. 

We have identified a third person now listed as a person of interest in Kaneeka’s murder.  Bernard Radley has been identified as one of the men who was at the party.  Radley, allegedly helped dispose of Kaneeka’s body after she refused to partake in what is now believed to be an unusually creepy hotel sex-style party.  We have learned that it was not $200, but, actually $2,000 that was offered to Irene and Monifa and their friends. And in return, they offered up  Kaneeka. Kaneeka  allegedly refused and that was when the party turned deadly and her body was disposed of. 

But now, perhaps, it seems it was much more than that.   Social media spies of ours managed to dig deep into Facebook pages and comments made by the various people who were in that room.   Kaneeka was given a date rape drug, and then, given plenty of alcohol.  The gist of the party was to “offer up” Kenneka, because,  there was money involved.  Services were to be rendered, and, Kenneka was the product.

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Irene Roberts is seen on Instagram admitting that they killed her and she knows who did it.

Which ties into what we were told by hotel staffers who told us Monday afternoon that both Monifa and  Irene were seen in the hallway and downstairs moments before  Kaneeka disappeared.

We’d like to point out there that the freezer she was found in is double-steel double-door kind of thing going on here.   A “stupid drunk” young girl no bigger than 120 or so lbs, would not, by no means, be able to open the freezer door of the Rosemont hotel.   She was brought in there. 

Hotel staffers told The Daily News in both phone calls and e-mails that “Irene was seen first.  She was almost like the look-out sort of.   There was another young girl in the hallway, briefly with  Kaneeka before she disappeared into the hotel room again.  Security guards were called to the room at least twice, although, they were told at the door that nothing was going on and that “people were just playing music”.

We are working to identify those supposed security guards. 

The Instagram post pictured further aligns with what we were told as we were told that “There was also a young man involved that was seen in the lobby during the later hours of the night.   They were all discussing something, they looked really uneasy and timid”  a witness said of the three.   As we originally suspected before we began fully investigating her death,   we initially believed that Irene and Monifa did it together. However, she has now admitted that there was a 3rd person (as we discussed on Twitter).

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Interestingly,  in the original live video (Irene disappears from the video entirely).   This matches up with what hotel staffers told The Daily News as they told us that “She was seen in the hallway that night”.   Irene would not return to her friends until they decided that they would return Kaneeka’s mother’s car to her and pretend like she had gone missing.

The now incriminating posts indicating and identifying the killer(s) behind Kaneeka’s death paint an even more clear picture of the problem.   Kaneeka did not want to be a part of Irene and Monifa’s sex-game gone wrong. And as a result, it cost her her life.

This is Part 1 as we continue to verify and confirm information we will continue to release it.  Despite the death threats and threats of violence against our reporters in Chicago who are chasing this story, we, will not stop until justice for this young lady is served 

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