Exclusive: Con artist Jerome Nisbett has extensive troubled driving record

Nisbett is pictured in 2017.
Nisbett is pictured in 2017.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA —  In court documents and driving records obtained by the orders of Sultan Khan via  The Daily News, we’ve uncovered a bit more about the murky past of our former client Jerome Nisbett.

In the documents, Nisbett,  is revealed to have quite the extensive troubled past as a licensed driver.   Documents show that on 23 May he was due in court in the city of Atlanta after “failing to maintain lanes”  following being stopped and  cited by an Officer Nelson.

Furthermore, documents revealed that the same car Nisbett was driving at the time of the citation was “later intentionally and maliciously totaled”.   The documents coincide with what we’ve now come to discover are also additional documents that Nisbett tried to “claim that the car was stolen to gain insurance money from his insurer of the vehicle”  a feat that was also disclosed to The Daily News from one of Nisbett’s  nearly half-a-dozen different attorney related to his various fraudulent lawsuits.

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