The Khane ‘s are opening their Texas offices to Houston victims

On a limited basis,  two Houston area offices (only slightly affected by the storm)  frequented by The Khane ‘s are now being opened to the public for those seeking refuge and food and necessary supplies.    As of 10:00 am local time, we’ve handed out hundreds of food items; blankets, provided hot-showers, and allowed flood victims to hang out and watch television.

Since Friday, we’ve worked with transportation services in an attempt to evacuate as many people as possible from Houston into new areas.   As of this writing, it appears the storm is headed for Louisiana, and, is gaining speed.    It’s been estimated that some 30 to 40,000 homes have been destroyed in the storm.

Also as of this writing, the storm, has struck Louisiana. Our hearts are with the people of Louisiana as they prepare for the storm.  We are working with each person as we can to determine how to handle the situation.  By the orders of Sultan Khane,  our doors, will remain open until  he orders them shut.  Due to privacy concerns,  phone calls are required in order to find our offices.

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