She went to visit her neighbors, hours later, she was savagely murdered

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA — Ending a near 10 day search, a plastic wrapped and reportedly badly beaten body has been found in the Red River.  That body, has, uh, been identified as missing 22-year-old Savannah Greywind. Greywind, went missing August 19th and was pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Kayakers in the nearby Red River reportedly discovered  Greywind’s body wrapped in plastic wrap; savagely tortured, and unfortunately killed while making way through the river. They immediately reported it to police.

According to police,  Greywind,  not only was pregnant but her neighbors upstairs apparently knew that. Police think that her neighbors (who she visited hours before her disappearance, and apparently was asked to try on a dress)  cut the baby from her womb and then killed her and disposed of her body.  Both  neighbors whom we’ve been asked not to name, have, been arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

Greywind, was set to move into a new apartment with her child’s father on 1 September.   Police are still searching for answers as to why, but, as of this writing, a positive identification between mother and child has not yet been made.  During a press conference, police officials did say that the neighbors did indicate that the baby belonged to Greywind.

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