Trump lawyers cop to report of Trump Tower in Moscow

WASHINGTON — Trump ‘s lawyers have now done the unthinkable, uh, reportedly copping to a report that originally claimed that the Trump team tried to build a Trump Tower in Moscow DURING the Presidential campaign (and Trump knew about it).  According to the original report, also reported in our papers,  Trump ‘signed a letter of intent” on behalf of his organization, although, his lawyer claims the deal never went through.

If it couldn’t get any more interesting, Trump, had knowingly announced his Presidency at a time in which he already had been visiting; signing letters of intent for Russia, and partaking in high level discussions with Russia regarding the would-be tower.   The discussions began in mid 2015, and, ended just before his inauguration. Cohen, claims that the deal ended because “it just wasn’t feasible” (when in reality, the FBI was closing in on this very information that Trump has claimed has been false from the beginning).

Michael Cohen, per reports, confirmed Tuesday that the Trump campaign indeed took part in the attempted partaking of building a Trump Tower like building in Moscow. Even so, he  further admitted, that everybody in the Trump campaign knew. Interestingly, this goes against every single previous denial from Trump himself regarding any sort of connection to  Russia.

Cohen came clean, per the AP, about reports of an apparent e-mail sent to the spokesperson for Vladamir Putin.  An e-mail that he states was sent to Putin ‘s Kremlin office during the time in which the campaign had tried  to gain permits; land, and permission from Vladamir Putin to build the building to begin with.  Again, this comes as a stark contrast from any previous discussions or statements on the alleged Russian connection.

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