Houston to Residents: Get Out While You Can

HOUSTON, TEXAS —    The National Weather Service has declared Hurricane Harvey the worst hurricane and bout of rain ever to occur in the continental United States.  With more than 50 inches of expected rain having fallen on Houston, flooding is so bad, officials didn’t mince words Tuesday: Get Out While You Can.

By Thursday: It is expected to reach nearly 60 inches of rain dumped on the Houston area.  The Daily News has informed our Houston staff and at least 8 prospective employees in the area, that,  they’ve been let go from their positions due to the storm.  

The Daily News has confirmed that stores and businesses that have managed to survive the storm are gouging the life out of their products. Gas needed by residents to escape the floods has reached a shocking $20 a gallon at some locations in Houston, while some stores,  are reportedly charging upwards of $99  for bottled water(s).

Officials confirmed to The Daily News Tuesday evening by phone that the death toll sits at 15 and some officials are worried “we could potentially find hundreds of bodies when this goes away”.  One local police officer reportedly died Monday night trying to get to work after he drowned in the massive rainfall.

Weather officials say there is no sign of the storm going anywhere anytime soon, and,  that the expected rainfall is gearing up to reach at least 60 inches by Thursday morning.  By the weekend, the storm could potentially become even higher, making it, one of the deadliest storms in history.

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