Audio transcripts of FBI phone calls discussing SHK surface online

We have obtained audio tapes of reported voicemails and such of federal agents attempting to chase down SHK.   This is the first time audio tapes have surfaced online following the declaration that SHK was placed on the Terror Watch List last year following the publication of an anti-Trump dossier. 

Below, we have released Part 3 of the chilling transcript that sent SHK into hiding for nearly a year.    Beginning last year, SHK received a number of phone calls during his annual winter holiday. Phone calls that he would later discover to be from the FBI and the Department of Justice.  In the first phone call,  Special Agent Mike,  claimed that they have a top-secret file on SHK that he will never be granted the right to see. Ever .  And that if he wanted to know why the FBI was tracking and following him, he,  would have to meet the FBI agent in person.

It is believed that the FBI began tracking SHK after he released a partially stolen dossier on Donald Trump given to him by an ex MI6 agent last summer.  A dossier that would later surface in outlets across the world.

SHK has never met the FBI agent and doesn’t intend to even more than a year later.   Mike disclosed to SHK that there is indeed a government file with his name on it, and, that the FBI had been tracking him for some time. “Well we are the FBI” in response to a question by SHK in which he asked how the FBI managed to get a private phone number that wasn’t even registered to HK himself.

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2016 7 May 7:00 am voicemail transcript left on a phone being used by SHK at the time.

 this is Mike with the FBI office here in Atlanta. This won’t go away until you speak to the FBI.  We have good reason to have you under surveillance.  I got wind of a phone call you apparently made to this office, we are the FBI, we can find anything about you. Until you agree to meet me in person, this will not go away.  I was given a file with your name on it, and, it is my responsibility to investigate it. 

Two weeks later, SHK would again receive another phone call from the FBI.

June 2016  –

Except this time, SHK, spoke to the FBI agent himself. 

Mike:  Is this SHK?

SHK: Who wants to know?

Mike: This is Special Agent Mike, with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  I need to speak with you regarding a file that was placed on my desk with your information inside of it.  I tracked your cell phone number and your information to find you.

SHK: I’m not speaking to anybody.

Mike: This won’t go away until you speak to me and agree to meet with me in person.  I will not tell you why you’re under surveillance over the phone.

SHK:  You can tell me here otherwise leave it alone.

Mike:  We are the FBI, it won’t go away.

SHK:  Then tell me why the government has me under illegal surveillance

Mike: I was given a file with your name on it.  I cannot tell you what is inside of it, it would break agency protocol.

SHK:  Then why are we having this phone call?

Mike: You are considered to be under federal investigation, it is imperative that we meet.

SHK: I’m not meeting a federal agent alone, let alone, at all.

Mike: I promise you nothing bad is going to happen. I just need to talk to you.

SHK: It’s not going down like that.  You obviously tracked me down by phone, so if you need to talk to me that bad you can do it here.

Mike:  You need to meet me in a public place.

SHK: Am I under arrest? Is their evidence of an apparent crime?

Mike: I can’t tell you that.

SHK:  Then there’s nothing to talk about. You can’t hold me on the phone and interrogate me without telling me what I’ve apparently done or you think I’ve done. It’s against the law.

Mike: Have you traveled recently?

SHK: Yes

*SHK disconnected the phone call at this point*

The release of these transcripts comes as we are seeking to file Freedom of Information Act requests and legal documents to force the FBI to turn over the file they have on SHK.  SHK has never committed a crime or been convicted of anything.

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