Trump campaign tried to build Trump Tower Moscow during campaign: Report

MOSCOW — According to documents obtained by The Washington Post which, indicate that during his campaign for President — Donald Trump — was a part of and was aware of a business deal with Russia. According to the documents, Trump, was sent particular information from an organizer attempting to set-up negotiations with Putin and Trump and his organization.

(While the talks never did go through, mostly, because of land permits and the like) they do show a much darker side of Donald Trump. Trump,  has vehemently denied any connection to Russia during the campaign, although, time and time again, it has been shown that he has in some way been in communication with the rogue state.

The documents show that Trump’s organization apparently wanted to build what would have became of Trump Tower Moscow, a plan, that was secretly divested during the campaign — and — never discussed with the general public.  Interestingly, the documents did discover that although the meeting never amounted, Trump, did sign a letter of intent to allow his business to go through with the developments.

The White House has not commented on the reports.

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