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Taylor Swift: The White Woman Everybody Is Right To Hate

Because she’s the aforementioned; self-centered,  “victim” that can do no wrong but the world is always against her. After having sort-of been off the earth for a while, Swift, resurfaced this week with her new single: Look At What You Made Me Do.

The song is a clear diss at Kanye West and his deceased mother (yeah, we went there).   Swift, obviously is still hanging on to being dissed at the Video Music Awards nearly a decade ago.  Also in the song,  Swift’s attempt at a reinvention of her bubble-gum pop image horribly failed — and instead — sees Swift paint herself as a revengeful bitch that everybody now has the rightful authority to actually hate.

When will Taylor move beyond the ultra-petty “victim” that never owns up to anything she’s done or has been responsible for?


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