Celebrities and their wealthy lives usually make opening up social media from your office cubicle, a bit more amusing. Whether it be because they’re stupid drunk, or just down right stupid, one would usually think their lives are seemingly pretty easy.  But, for these five stars,  life isn’t all about the wealth and the riches.

  1. Kelly Rutherford

After her much publicized divorce,  Rutherford, was forced  to file for bankruptcy in 2013.  Her litigation fees and what not skyrocketed to just upwards of about $1.4m, uh, leaving her with pretty much nothing. This was a far cry from her days on Gossip Girl, when, one would have been led to believe Rutherford was living a pretty high life. “Let’s call it like it is, divorce is a business”. Her net worth? Around $900,000 as of 2017.

2. Chris Tucker

Some claim that his conversion to Christianity could be blamed for his massive loss of financial wealth.  At one point, at the height of the Rush Hour franchises success, Tucker was on top of the world. But in the midst of converting, he, uh, decided to apparently also stop paying his taxes.  IRS records show that at the time Tucker racked up $14m in unpaid taxes, which, left him pretty penniless compared to his better days.  His net worth now? Just south of $3m.

3. Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is one broke woman.  Following her days as a reigning reality television queen on  The Hills,  Heidi, is only worth about $20,000 as of 2017.   At one point,  her net worth was believed to be around $10m thanks to The Hills and other endorsement deals that were rolling in. But, after blowing her fortune on cars;  expensive dinners, unnecessary managers and publicists, Heidi once told Access Hollywood Live “I screwed up”.

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4. Janice Dickenson

She could be considered up their in the ranks with Tyra Banks and what not, but, for whatever reason Janice Dickenson lost it all.   Dickenson,  was once a top supermodel;  with a super-hot T.V show, and a  great career. But after a sudden urge to tackle plastic surgery, the former supermodel, suddenly found herself filing for bankruptcy amid hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes.  In other news,  she should have pulled a Tyra Banks and went into other avenues of business besides plastic surgery.  Her net worth? Reportedly around $500,000 as of 2017.


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