EXCLUSIVE: Text messages unmask the truth about Mystikal ‘s accuser

Earlier this week we ran a story on Mystikal ‘s accuser, some of which, is now largely believed to be lying.   As we noted in the previous article, we, intended to run an entire interview with the sister of the alleged victim. The sister, whom, has agreed to this interview willingly contacted us by text message hours after the publication of the original report.

To protect her identity, although we have confirmed her relationship with the accuser, we are refusing to identify her.  

Let’s begin. Before we plug the rest of this interview, we’d like to share some of the text messages that came through to our confidential tip line.   What you’re about to see has never been seen before, and, is damning evidence further indicating the accuser is lying.

BREAKING:   The hotel/casino previously identified by The Daily News has now widely been circulated in the press. Therefore, we are now choosing to identify that it is indeed a casino/hotel  in Shreveport. 

The interview is slated to be published next.

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