Missouri man gets stay of execution in final hours before death sentence

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI —  For  Mr. Williams, it’s a lucky day.  Hours before he was scheduled to die Tuesday by lethal injection for the 1998 murder of Felicia Gayle.  Gayle, in 1998, was stabbed 43 times while in her home during what was believed to be a reported home invasion. At the time,  they didn’t quite have a suspect.

Until several years later.  Then came Mr. Williams, who, in 2001, was convicted of the heinous murder and sentenced to death.  Interestingly, at the time, St Louis prosecutors attempted to use some pretty shaky evidence.   It’s worth noting that witness testimony from another apparent inmate, uh, was never actually verified but still used in his sudden conviction. Now, Missouri’s own governor has issued a stay of execution pending an investigation into the case again.

The Daily News has learned that  the state of Missouri is ordering that Mr. Williams be kept alive amid claims that the prosecutors office used faulty evidence that now apparently shows DNA that never matched Williams to begin with.

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