This is why you should be very careful bodybuilding

Bodybuilding can be a great thing, especially, if one does it correctly. But, an Australian woman did it the opposite and learned her fate at the age of 25. PerthNow reports that Meegan Hefford had (in a sense) overdosed on bodybuiding chemicals and protein.  Australian authorities say that her death certificate even lists such, at least partially.

But, what’s interesting, is that Hefford was unaware that she had an actual disorder that caused her to be unable to intake that much protein at once.  Experts  in Australia are now warning of the dangers of being ill-informed about body-building and the proteins/chemicals that go along with it.

Hefford died in June three days after initially being hospitalized and complaining of feeling “unusual”.  According to the coroners office, she,  reportedly had urea cycle disorder and never knew it.  The disorder causes one to be unable to actually process that much protein and chemicals of such a kind.

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