Stop letting the GOP scare fear into you

With the events that occurred in Charlottesville,  the GOP, is back to doing what they do best — scaring fear into everyday Americans. So much fear, that somehow, people now seem to think that there are legitimate people in this world trying to wash the white race away.  We can account most of this sudden fear into extreme Trump Supporters, who,  still prove day-after-day that they’re endlessly gullible.

There are so many issues with the scare tactics used by the GOP. First, let’s stop blaming Barack Obama for anything that Trump did or had a part in after his inauguration. The man left office a while ago and has no part of the White House anymore. So stop it.  Stop bringing up Hillary and Obama every time Trump messes up and tries to come up with some sideways argument to defend his equally sideways comments.

Next, let’s stop trying to argue all lives matter when there are legitimately some white people out there who apparently believe that there lives  don’t matter and that there is some kind of weird conspiracy to erase their kind from the face of this earth.  There is no conspiracy to suddenly erase white people from anywhere, but, there is a goal to have everyone get along and get treated “equal” right?

It’s always been interesting to me that some white people can argue all lives matter, but then those kinds of white people that make that argument,  are the same ones online claiming we’re trying to erase them.  By erase, is that a literal reference to (“erase”)? Or is this a carefully crafted way of saying they’re afraid of other people existing and wish that it could go back to the time when they think “America Was Great” (I don’t have to mention what time in US history that was, you, should know).

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It’s equally interesting to me that these are the same kinds of folks that claim to be informed and  well thought on all things politics and human rights, but, they don’t want any of those rights or benefits afforded to anyone who isn’t like them. It all goes back to my million dollar question I’ve been asking since the election: Why can’t Trump supporters name an honest  time when America was ever great? And, I’d bet anything your ordinary die-hard Trump supporter will blurt out a time in which blacks weren’t equal and they were enslaved before they could even blink.

When they felt like they weren’t being forced to put more effort into being friendly and accepting of people different than they are.   At a time now, that, they feel like they’re lives are in danger because of “Obummer” or his “Muslim Terrorist Organization” (a few more hilarious Trump supporter conspiracy theories). I’m tired of Trump doing dumb shit; saying dumb shit (trying to blame the “left” or “essentially black people (those that were in the video)” for the “trouble on both sides of the spectrum”  in regards to the events  that occurred in Charlottesville.  I’m tired of Trump getting away with whatever he wants to say, and, these Trump supporters have their heads so far up Donald Trump ‘s ass that they can’t think for themselves unless their fearless Orange Leader barks twice and issues a new Trump-Bible quote.

The point is: stop it. stop it. stop it. Stop letting Donald Trump and the GOP divide you and your neighbors and friends. Stop letting Donald Trump take you so far back in time that you feel America “must be made Great again”. We all know what this is in reference to, we’re not stupid.

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I’m neither a Democrat or an Independent, actually identify as a moderate Republican myself. But I’m so far ashamed of the GOP and the way that they use scare tactics and lies to push their agenda all the while continuing to claim that it’s everybody else but themselves causing trouble in the United States.

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