White Nationalist goes to protest, what happens next is comedy gold

VIRGINIA —   Being broadcast across the world as a racist white nationalist probably isn’t on the mind of those who actually took part in the protests in Charlottesville themselves. But, for one particular individual, it became not only national news but news to their employer.  Twitter users have spent much of the entire weekend identifying those involved in the racist clashes and it’s been nothing short of highly amusing.

Pete Tefft has been identified after a grainy screen grab eventually landed in the hands of someone who already knew Pete and eventually tracked him back to Facebook. Meanwhile,  Pete Tefft’s father has taken to INFORUM  to share an open letter to Tefft announcing that he’s been disowned and isn’t welcome due to his “views that aren’t shared with his family”.

The screen grab apparently triggered Pearce Tefft to pen the open letter in which he says that the family originally stayed silent on much of Pete’s own nationalist views but they “definitely did not coincide with those of his family”.   While Tefft did say that Pete isn’t welcome at home while he has those views, he, did note that Tefft is welcome at home once they change.

Meanwhile,  Pete Tefft, is not only out of a family but also a job according to his employer.

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