Four Daily News staffers arrested in Washington D.C after violent racially charged brawl

WASHINGTON, D.C —  And now they’re finding themselves without jobs.   This morning we’ve been informed after screenshots of four of our employees appeared online, that,  they were involved in some of the violent brawls that took place over the past three days.     D.C police say that the four staffers, who we will not name, were arrested inside of their company provided hotel rooms after they made threats against local police;  African Americans, and particularly threatened to slash the throat of SHK an “immigrant Muslim who has betrayed America and goes against anything white people believe”.

The four staffers ranging from ages 28 – 40 were all arrested and charged with inciting violence and racial tension.  Meanwhile,  as of this writing, they’ve all been dismissed from their posts.  The Daily News does not condone or participate in racist activities or sentiments, and, any suggestion that we do will not be tolerated.


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