Prime Minister Theresa May to return to work on Thursday

LONDON — More than four weeks after the betrothed PM reportedly began her top secret summer holiday. According to 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister will return to work Thursday amid new growing tensions over her Brexit plans. May, had been expected back at Downing Street earlier this week, but, that changed after she was forced to interrupt her break for work projects just briefly.

Meanwhile, back in the U.K,   May faces tough criticism amid newly written Brexit papers that are apparently set to be published while she is away (yes, while the freaking leader of the United Kingdom is away one of the biggest moments in history will happen without her!).    Opponents of May feel that she “must return to face the music and assist the U.K in properly finishing the Brexit negotiations” or else.

In other news,  PM May will remain out of the country in Switzerland on “walks” with high security and officials.

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