She boarded a submarine, and then, was never seen again

It’s perhaps one of the most intriguing missing persons stories in recent memory. A journalist in Denmark apparently boarded a submarine on Thursday, which eventually, would sink.   When it sunk, she was never seen again. Now here’s where it gets interesting.  Danish police provided documents to The Daily News that confirmed Kim Wall, was identified as the journalist aboard the ship.

That ship has since been raised, but,  Wall is no where to be found. Meanwhile,  Peter Madsen has since been arrested and charged with her murder by mysterious means.   Danish police have yet to uncover any signs of her body, initially, having hoped that her body would turn up in the ship.  It did not.

In other news, people are remembering Wall as it is believed she has been murdered.  Madsen isn’t contesting a police order to keep him in custody for up to 24 days while authorities continue to search for Wall’s body.   Interestingly, police did confirm that Madsen’s story has changed at least twice leading them to believe he has something to do with her disappearance.

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