Chloe Ayling ‘s kidnap story falling into question

At least according to witnesses out of Italy who say she apparently went shopping for shoes with her supposed would-be kidnapper.    The model, Chloe, apparently traveled to Italy last July after she was contacted about an apparent photoshoot that  she thought was legit. Now, all of a sudden, there are quite a few issues with her story.

First,   witnesses confirmed that they’ve gone to police (confirmed also via police reports in Italian) that Ayling actually went shoe shopping with her alleged kidnapper.  Interestingly, the fact that she apparently went shoe shopping with believed-kidnapper  Lukasz Pawel Herba. Herba was arrested in Italy yesterday on apparent charges of kidnapping; holding someone hostage, and endangerment of another person.

Although the story isn’t quite making sense. Ayling initially claimed that she was held for upwards of six days in a remote farm location without anywhere to go or flee.  But, since then, it has emerged that she not only went shoe shopping (but) also went apparent grocery shopping with Herba.  On both occasions, she did not, in any way, make any sudden movements to inform those around her that she may was kidnapped.

Meanwhile, her modeling agency has denied and wrongdoing or involvement in the situation and has defended Ayling in the brouhaha.

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