Usher’s accuser Quantasia Sharpton is a complete fraud

Following the hotly-watched press conference between Lisa Bloom; Quantasia Sharpton, and the world — one thing is Sharpton in the press conference maintains that she had sexual relations with Usher, but, in turn admitted that she doesn’t and never actually got anything from Usher.

Interestingly, in posts we won’t actually screenshot from at least two Instagram posts; Four Facebook posts, and what appears to be a profile —  Sharpton is seen in multiple statuses declaring she needs financial means “and fast”. One post on Facebook reads.

“I need money. I’m not sure how to get it. I gotta live”  Sharpton wrote on a private Facebook page discovered using a Facebook tool for journalism.   Sharpton ‘s story first fell under scrutiny after many believed that there’s no way Usher would ever sleep with someone like Quantasia.

Interestingly, such seems like it’s the truth. A video has surfaced online of the exact moment that Quantasia claims she was ushered on stage and later uninformed that Usher had herpes (it looks like the polar opposite happened judging by her facial expressions).

That video appears below..

Despite what she claims,  there,  was no pressure by Usher to be on stage.

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