EXCLUSIVE: More on Usher ‘s accuser “Quantasia Sharpton’

After news began to break that Quantasia Sharpton is a phony; fraud,  among a whole lot more.  We decided to take a deeper look into the wild beast that claims to have slept with Usher.   First, Quantasia Sharpton, appears to not be her government name.  According to social media posts and records discovered by The Daily News,  her father or closest relative to a father appears to have been named Timothy Ferguson III a Marine  Corps servicemen who died a few years ago.

Also first, uh, Quantasia claims that she goes by the name Angel Valentino because “her real name sounds ghetto”. While this may be true,  we’ve confirmed, uh, that Quantasia actually goes by Angel because “she’s made some pretty fierce enemies throughout the years due to her lies and financial scams.   She tried to play August Alsina by claiming she was pregnant, and now, she’s claiming this about Usher”.

EXCLUSIVE:  We received a tip on 8/7/2017 indicating that  Quantasia Sharpton is not actually her real name. We are working with alleged family members to confirm her actual identity. 

Next,  two friends who say they’re “very close” to Quantasia tell Daily News America that  Quantasia “often fantasizes about becoming anything but a regular girl” an O.D to many of her Facebook posts that claim “these would be some of her last hours as a regular girl”.

A regular girl, widely believed, to be an O.D to sudden infamy or fame.  Some of which she has found but likely not in the manner she had hoped.   Meanwhile, Lisa Bloom ‘s credibility has taken a huge hit amid the revelations as it appears no vetting or background into the case was done. Sources inside Bloom ‘s law practice say “As soon as there was an opportunity seen, it, was taken. There was no actual research done into these claims.  That video of Quantasia with Usher herself was never seen by us before” claims the source from inside Bloom’s law practice.

I’m sticking to my guns here, the devil.is.a.lie.

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Meanwhile, while we spent the evening digging… This video surfaced online.

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