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Couple buys mansion lined San Francisco street, neighbors furious

But the sale actually occurred in 2015.  Apparently buying whole street blocks is now apparently a thing, and, that was something a particularly wealthy California couple discovered quickly.  Back in 2015,  the sidewalks; benches, and entire block in the uber-wealthy neighborhood of Presidio Terrace was purchased.

But not by the homeowners association or anything like that. According to court documents obtained by The Daily News, Tina Lam and Michael Cheng  purchased the block that houses some of the neighborhood’s most exclusive homes. During the sale, the couple swooped up practically everything including the right to charge their neighbors for parking.

Weirdly,  neighbors apparently didn’t discover that Cheng and wife Lam owned the block until recently, when, mailers went out asking if  their neighbors would be down to pay for parking.  (That obviously didn’t go over so well…).  Meanwhile, the association that helps run the exclusive neighborhood has sued to block any further sale or movement within the neighborhood and is asking a court to stop Cheng and Lam from charging anybody anything.

Also, documents confirm that the association is attempting to strip the couple of the street all together.

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