Defying Buckingham Palace, Princess Diana ‘s Shocking Audio Tapes Are Here

LONDON —   Princess Diana’s troubled audio tapes are here, despite a slew of threats from The Buckingham Palace.   Palace officials issued their warning to The Daily News Monday morning after it was learned that audio tapes also made way into the hands of this newspaper. We have come into trouble with the Palace before over intimate details of the real palace life being published online.

The tapes aired over the weekend in a Channel 4 Exclusive documentary. A documentary that had never actually been aired in the U.K before (only previously having been aired in America).  In the documentary, the documentary, was actually voiced by Diana herself.  Using secret audio tapes that were smuggled out of  Kensington Palace in 1991,   Channel 4, lifted the veil on the monster Prince Charles really is.

In the words of Diana herself, she, had never had a boyfriend before Charles. They met when she was 16, and then again when she was 18.   At that time, they, had almost become inseparable.  The issue presented at this time was that Charles appeared to be a womanizer of sorts.   They would eventually go on to become romantically involved; married,  and then swiftly divorced.

Interestingly, the most intriguing part of the tapes is actually that in which Camilla The Duchess of Cornwall (currently) gets discussed. Diana admitted in her own words that they had “confronted each other on numerous occasion”.   At one point in their turbulent marriage,  Diana, had developed severe eating disorders after over-hearing Charles having “phone sex” with Camilla on the phone. It was then that she developed unhealthy disorders and began to venture outside of Kensington Palace.

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A popular excerpt from the tapes… When being asked just after her relationship went public if there had been any sudden “car chases” recently.

“Oh lots of them. I always made sure that I went through just as the light was going to red. They chased me everywhere. We’re talking 30 of them. We’re not talking about two,” she says.

“I had no idea what I was going into.

“I never complained about the press to him because I didn’t think it was my position to do so. I got no support from Charles and no support from the press office. They just said you’re on your own.

We will continue too dissect the tapes entirely as the week goes on.  A two part editorial on Princess Diana’s tapes expected Thursday morning.

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