Poll claims most view Black Lives Matter in negative manner










A poll that appears mostly in conservative and right wing media. According to The Daily Caller, A “poll recently conducted finds that a large majority of Americans find Black Lives Matter to be lacking the necessities it needs to be considered a practical social movement”.

The website claims that the poll surveyed about 2,000 or so people (okay, here’s the issue with that: 2,000 people out of millions of registered voters doesn’t successfully portray an accurate view of the Black Lives Matter movement).

According to the phony poll, 83% of black people viewed the BLM movement favorably while 35% of white people didn’t (surprise surprise!).  Also according to the poll, the poll was  compromised of  almost 30% Republican voters  a voters base we already know hates anything that isn’t white; secluded, and deeply embedded in their own comfort-racist-friendly-zone.

The fact of the matter is, The Daily Caller, should be ashamed of “co-signing” this poll as it is clearly not an accurate portrayal of anything — especially — considering that it is largely compromised of Republican voters.

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