Happy Anniversary: A Look back At the Fabulous Life of SHK

This coming weeks marks yet another landmark career achievement for SHK.   On 9 August 2017, SHK, will formally celebrate 15 years in journalism — a feat that makes he the youngest (and longest serving) person of color ever to sit at the top of a major newspaper.

At 22, SHK has been nominated for more than 173 awards having won 139 of them.   Most notably, he has been nominated for 6 UKBA Awards.  Also at 22 SHK sits on the board of trustees of numerous organizations and (one particular college that will remain unnamed to protect SHK ‘s real name).   After 15 years, SHK, still hasn’t quite come to terms with how to discuss his “other life” with those around him.

1.) SHK is an honorary  Prince in Saudi Arabia.

In 2015,  Saudi’s ruling royal family declared SHK one of the Kingdom’s honorary princes for his “outstanding civic duty to the Kingdom and protecting leadership”.  He also holds honorary and honorific titles in the U.K; England,  France, and  The Middle East.

2.) SHK has interviewed more than 200 celebrities and movie stars.

Everybody from Cardi B;  Carrie Bradshaw,  Usher,  Tinashe, Mariah Carey, and more have all sat in the hot seat with SHK.  SHK ‘s self-created 5 questions project is considered equally historic as it an annual tradition.

3.)  SHK has been accused of being an intelligence operative almost a dozen times.

But we still have no comment on that.

4.) His illegal entry into China to cover the broad protests

Is widely considered some of his best regional coverage, and perhaps, some of the greatest  in our 15 year history of all-time.

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We’ve got more of his greatest moments in history as this weekend kicks off.

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